on Feb 18, 2018

Love for natural and mothers home made food

Flavour Locks is part of Foodlands Group Company, founded in 2016, The group was formed to deliver natural and healthy food stuffs to the home step in a professional way. Flavour locks strictly following and make sure all products are made out of premium quality ingredients, manufactured at our own hygienic factory with the help of next generation processing methodology and packing machines.

Our vast knowledge of the domains has made us immensely popular in the South Indian. We work with an aim to offer maximum client satisfaction with our range of products along with attractive & innovative packaging and on time delivery. This has earned us a large base of loyal customers.

We at food lands believe that if there is a recipe for success in life it starts with picking the right ingredient. We have been following this through in making each and every product of ours. The ingredients that we use in our idli/dosa batter are the best quality rice right from the farm to our factory /the finest urad dal and RO purified water we care for your health.

They provide a balanced contribution of carbohydrate ,proteins and helps in preparing a quick and healthy meal. The secret ingredient that goes into our batter is love for good food/ trust and accountability that you share with us. From our factory to your door steps we travel the path of trust/love/goodwill and reliability .it is a path that they help to make your cooking hassle free. They are prepared in such a manner that it becomes very convenient and easy to make soft and fluffy idles and crispy dosas.

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